Back Pocket Flagging Guide!

4 04 2011

That’s right folks, we’ve put together a little printable back pocket flagging guide for you to take out on the town. No longer will you have to hijack someone’s smart phone in order to figure who’s flagging what. Enjoy!

  1. click the link below
  2. find a colour printer
  3. press print
  4. trim the edges
  5. fold it up
  6. hit the town

Back Pocket Flagging Guide

Thanks  to Melbourne Leather Pride and the {also} Foundation‘s take care {out} there project for their assistance and support with printing. Pick up a hard copy at Melbourne Leatherpride events and from this weekend!

How to pick up without the Internet: flagging in conversation

27 04 2012

Hey fans! We’re presenting a workshop as part of UMSU Queer & Wom*n’s Departments’ Rad Sex & Consent Week 2012. When I say workshop it’s just gonna be a casual chat, so come hang out, get your flag on, share hilarious hook-up stories, maybe meet someone nice, or nicely nasty. Here’s the write up:

How to pick up without the Internet: flagging in conversation

In the era of Grindr, OK Cupid and Fetlife our ways of communicating seem to be growing exponentially. But having immediate access to someone’s pictures, dimensions and sexual interests doesn’t necessarily make for the best interactions. Not so long ago queers got around with winks and looks and – of course – hankies.

Flagging hints. It invites conversations about sex acts, bodies, identities and relationships in a way that provides a radical resistance to the kind of “hands on” harassment and abuse many of us endure, as well as assumptions about our desires based on how we look or dress. Flagging conveys an acknowledgement of the need for explicit (and specific) consent. In the absence of well-tread narratives and social scripts, queer and feminist thinkers (as well as kinksters and poly folks) need to be creative in our approaches.

Join Gauche Sinister to chat about flagging, picking up, courtship and consent. Gauche writes for Flagging Opinicus Rampant, a Melbourne blog that celebrates, interrogates and reinvents traditional hanky code from a feminist and pangender perspective. All genders, sexualities, and levels of familiarity with flagging welcome.

It’s Monday 30 April, 4pm – 5pm in Room Joe Napolitano A, Level 2 of Union House at Melbourne University. See you there!

x Gauche

flagging at DUDE. 2 Early Release Party!

15 12 2011

check it!

DUDE. 2 Early Release Party!.

flagging opinicus rampant will be giving away hankies and flagging guides at the DUDE Party at Midsumma! click the above link for details.

  • January 18 2012
  • 1000 £ Bend 361 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne
  • 7pm
  • FREE

Bieber Flagging

26 07 2011

from Bieberlicious!


Queer Courtship & Hanky Code workshop

3 06 2011

We’re going on tour to Sydney! Gauche and M. are putting on a workshop at Camp Betty, a three-day festival celebrating and unpacking sex, sexuality & gender against a backdrop of radical politics and DIY action.

Queer Courtship & Hanky Code

a seminar with introductory talk, facilitated discussion, group exercises and roleplays – and hanky giveaways

11 June 2011 – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Plump Gallery, 240 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW

We want to learn and share techniques for navigating love and fucking, from pick up to break up, for queer thinkers who care about consent. So much seduction is premised on manipulation, or relies on assumptions about heterosexuality, monogamy or gender-normative roles and bodies. If these aren’t our lives, how do we hoist the flags of our desires?

You can invite all your friends to the Facebook event if that’s your style. The first Sydney POC THE MIC is happening on the Sunday night and there’s lots of other fantastic events. The full Camp Betty program is available here and it’s on iCal so you can sync it to your Google Calendar if you have one. Oh yes, we are teched up and festival ready!

Hands On

22 03 2011

Jerking each other off, without barriers:

WHITE jerk me off I’ll do us both
  • Hands aren’t the safest: you are not always aware of cuts under and around fingernails. Cuts greatly increase the risk of infection-transmission.
  • Sex fluids that carry infections can infect microcuts that might result from ordinary dry skin or abrasions of any sort, and are invisible to the naked eye. You can check skin for microcuts by splashing it with rubbing alcohol, lemon juice or vinegar: which will cause cuts to sting (frequent exposure to rubbing alcohol will dry the skin in a way that can cause damage).
  • Check all hands: if there are visible cuts or scratches, or you fail “the sting test“, use gloves.
  • Like kissing, most people seem to be ok with the risks involved in hand jobs.
  • Remember: hand jobs are only safest if hands are not swapped; that is one hand per person/orifice. Swapping hands (ie using a hand on yourself then another person without a barrier) involves fluid exchange, and therefore puts you at much greater risk.
  • Safest: use barriers.

[Consensual Sadomasochism]

Our complete safer sex guide is here.


20 03 2011

BLACK/WHITE check safe sex top safe sex bottom
  • Black/White check (alt. safety pin) originated during the 80s AIDS crisis, for obvious reasons. Flagging Black/White check means you’re in for a night of wholesome play, which doesn’t mean the play is soft, rather that the safest possible option is taken (and fluids aren’t exchanged). Many fluid-bonders choose to play outside a fluid bonding circle/chain with the following activities.



GREEN, Light dirty talk dirty talk


VELVET, WHITE voyeur will put on a show
VELVET, BLACK has/takes videos will perform for the camera
VELVET, NAVY watches masturbation will masturbate for audience

Non-genital touching

BLANKET seeking massage masseuse
MAUVE worship my navel has a navel fetish
PINK, Dark worship my tits tit worshipper
MAGENTA suck my pits armpit lover
CORAL suck my toes shrimper (sucks toes)
Teddy Bear cuddler cuddlee
  • Skin to skin non-genital contact still harbours the following risks: scabies, crabs (body lice), armpit fungus.


BLACK/WHITE stripes kissing kissing
  • saliva exchanging risks: herpes, syphilis.


With Barriers (Gloves/Dams/Condoms)

Possible risks even with barrier useHPV, BV, TV, thrush, herpes, hep B, chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis (because they can be transferred by skin to skin contact).

WHITE jerk me off I’ll do us both
BLUE, Robin’s Egg 69 69
BLUE, Light gives oral wants oral
——— BLUE, Light
w/ light PINK stripe
sucks dildo suck my dildo
BLUE, Navy fucking / TOP fucking / BOTTOM
RED, Dark 2-handed fister 2-handed fistee
RED fist fucker fist fuckee
PINK, Light dildo wielder dildo fuckee
BEIGE rimmer rim me

Our complete safer sex guide is here.

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