13 03 2010

light grey

GREY, Light don’t touch my genitals I’m not touching genitals


worn left = stone (butch/femme) top/ don’t touch my genitals.

worn right = stone bottom/ I don’t touch my lover’s genitals/ lazily obliging

notes on stone femme


– – –
[max 25/02/10]: i thought we agreed it wasn’t lazy?
– – –
[gauche 28/02/10]: I thought we agreed that the presentation was the same and the motivation didn’t need to be disclosed?
– – –
[max 28/02/10]: oh yeah, i think you might be right.
– – –
[gauche 12/03/10]: Though we also agreed that you should only flag what you’re up for and not what you don’t do …
– – –
[max 18/03/10]: I think while generally it’s true that you don’t flag what you’re not into (that there are no anti-flags), the thing about stone is that it’s an ontology (as you said, it’s a gender on its own). And that way of being deserves a flag, and also reflects a certain way of having sex, which could be put:

GREY, Light I’ll fuck you just fuck me

which also more nicely fits your ‘lazily obliging,’ as well as what you’re up for rather than not up for.
– – –



3 responses

13 03 2010
Notes on ‘Lesbian Flagging’ « flagging opinicus rampant

[…] RED = fisting (NOT stone) […]

18 03 2010

(@max) I feel interpellated by your ‘lazy’ comments (which could be my own sense of self importance), but I would like to reiterate : it would be a mistake to confuse ‘submissive’ with ‘lazy’.

28 03 2010
Pitching the woo. « flagging opinicus rampant

[…] accident, demurral, and the inculpability and opacity of being easy, lazy and vague (cf. trashbag; light grey, right). Keeping your desires unvoiced, unspecified or even unknown may protect you, and you might well […]

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