Lady Gaga Likes Biting

26 03 2010

It’s official, Lady Gaga has a biting fetish.  She was spotted wearing a houndstooth scarf wrapped around her head (extreme) with a PVC  cone bra with a matching skirt.  In her song Teeth she makes this fetish more than just apparent singing “just take a bite of my bad girl meat/take a bite of me/show me your teeth”.  In her latest video clip for Telephone she takes a bite from a Honey Bun offered to her by Beyonce after being told she has been a very very Bad Girl.  It is no secret that Gaga is into vampires, doing a shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth for Out Magazine.

Gaga has also been seen on a number of occasions with vampire fangs fitted to her teeth.  Gaga’s boldness with her sexuality and her fashion should be an inspiration to us all.

Don’t be scared, I’ve done this before, show me your teeth.



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9 05 2010
Switch kitty. « flagging opinicus rampant

[…] sadomasochistic feline likes biting (houndstooth, left), feet (coral, right), bleeding (maroon, right) and watching (white velvet, […]

29 07 2010

Intensely into Lady Gaga being a biter….

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