Protest Flagging

30 05 2010

[by max 30/05/10]

Since recently regaining the ability to think about street violence, I’ve been flagging black mosquito netting.

As we continue to reiterate, flagging requires consent – without a specific and explicit understanding (and practice) of consent, flagging makes no sense. For me [right now], flagging into SM street sex also says something in protest of the actuality of street violence (against especially trans and gender ambiguous people [like me]).

One of the reasons we started this blog (and got into flagging) was as a way of showing that femmes, dykes, women are into all kinds of sex too (nontrans and especially gay men continue to think otherwise, and that’s so lame). The way [traditional] flagging guides are set up by and for men having sex with men reinforces this. (And we resist it.)

How do you protest flag?



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