Queers Supporting Queers

10 11 2010

The Hanky Code has been lubricating the navigation of the queer world for decades.  But it evolved out of an environment of fear and persecution.  Hanky flagging had trickled into the present as a positive but still somewhat secretive assertion of identity.  We wanted to re-work it – loud, proud, classy all-in-one.  Our re-appropriation of the original Hanky Code started as a senior thesis project for art school two years ago.  We illustrated dyed and screen printed an edition of 240.  Maria draw the classy ones. I drew the mangled ape looking ones.  Sometimes she added some sort of human resemblance  back into my
efforts.  But we kept the butt licking apes exactly the way they were…

The first trial run was our senior thesis exhibition complete with what felt like the grandparents and little siblings of every last one of our classmates.  We withstood the raised eyebrows and strategic redirecting of family members (along with the occasional open-minded curiosity) Not our venue.  But we knew that. Onto the queers…

Within a year had sold out of our first edition.  This was awesome – queers  supporting queers.  We geared up for the second round of printing in the hopes of answering a daunting question – How the hell am I going to pay for top surgery? (for those unfamiliar, top surgery is the reconstruction of the chest from a female to male contour). Now with such amazing support from our community – MORE PRINTING! Perhaps expanding the colors available, inventing new ones – likes sexy reading of scientific texts? interpretive dance sex? Fund more tranny top surgeries? The possibilities are endless.  Thanks Queers!

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Worn Dress Designs

Sea Grape bath + body



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