All About Orange

4 01 2011


Traditionally, flagging orange means:
(L) anything goes * (R) just cruising

But that in that sense, (L) is consensually worrying, and (R)  too like an anti-flag (ie, leave me alone).

You want just cruising? Go for white velvet, left.

Given the emphasis on consent, I’d like orange to be reinterpreted as:

ORANGE looking to lead open to suggestion

I think there’s a real need for open to suggestion and it makes sense for orange, ie “could be up for anything, try me”. I’ve been thinking about control/drive flagging – and I like this as a revision which satisfies.


Archive on Orange

[lc 22/03/10]: I think that the orange flag has its place. Flagging something obviously doesn’t equal consenting to something and it’s highly dangerous to assume someone has no boundaries but I think orange could mean something like ‘I’ve liked everything I’ve done so far and I’m into trying other things as well’ or could also/simultaneously symbolise that you’re up for being propositioned for anything.

[max 22/03/10]: I think it’s really important to stress that flagging isn’t consent. I think the phrase anything goes makes that more difficult. And that concerns me.

[lc 25/8/10]: Go to “Asking For It



5 responses

28 03 2010

mebbe it’s more of a ‘proposition anything and there’s a high[er?] chance i’ll consent to it but don’t hold me to it’ type thing but that’s not quite as catchy as ‘anything goes,’ hey.

4 01 2011

A common interpretation of orange in the local Leather scene is that it means “I’m up for anything… but not with *anyone*”.

4 01 2011

yeah sure. I think that’s always the case with flagging, right?

I just want orange to be more specific, and I think this interpretation makes the most sense (and “just cruising” really doesn’t).

11 01 2011

I think there’s an alternative tradition of orange as (L) few limits, top / (R) few limits, bottom which I prefer, and which I think we’re honouring with your revision.

18 09 2016

Anything anywhere anytime with almost anyone

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