Back Pocket Flagging Guide!

4 04 2011

That’s right folks, we’ve put together a little printable back pocket flagging guide for you to take out on the town. No longer will you have to hijack someone’s smart phone in order to figure who’s flagging what. Enjoy!

  1. click the link below
  2. find a colour printer
  3. press print
  4. trim the edges
  5. fold it up
  6. hit the town

Back Pocket Flagging Guide

Thanks  to Melbourne Leather Pride and the {also} Foundation‘s take care {out} there project for their assistance and support with printing. Pick up a hard copy at Melbourne Leatherpride events and from this weekend!



2 responses

13 04 2012

So i just found this, and it makes me rage a little. What’s with redefining the longstanding and ubiquitous grey bondage flag as about anal while simultaneously providing it a second colour (that dark blue)? The heck? Are you trying to delete my fetish? :p

29 06 2013

(Commenting bc I can’t find anywhere else to contact you.)
I was inspired to make a “finger flagging” Manicure Guide for Femmes and Others based on your beautifully well thought out handkerchief code.
It’s pretty much exactly the same, but with glitter subbed for velvet and abstract symbols subbed for the tough-to paint patterned hankies.
I’m going to finish editing it and post it within a week, and I’d just like to know if it’s cool that I do so and provide links to this blog as my source.

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