Bieber Flagging

26 07 2011

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Favourite flavour combinations

14 11 2010

Best Double Flags

light blue with light pink stripe = dildo sucking

orange + light grey, right = just fuck me, I don’t care how

cream with polkadots, right = cum on my face

white, left, + navy, right = you have two hands, and I’m greedy

trashbag, left, + tiara = bossy

navy + light pink with stars, left = pegging

teddy bear + tartan, left = clothed cuddling

gold lame houndstooth, left = biting your guns

maroon houndstooth, right = bite me til I bleed

pretty much anything + maroon / tampon = various menstrual-inclusive play, like: light blue + maroon, left = gives head to menstruator / light blue + maroon, right = wants head (and is bleeding)

Found flagging

max: navy, left + hunter green with flowers, right = I’ll fuck you if you romance me

gauche: orange + light grey, right = universal recipient

lc: lime green, left + silver lame, right = rockstar girlfriend

alex: light grey + wine stain, left = drunk, stoned, stone

Not flagging (in denial)

lc: tie dye, versatile

alex:  navy, right

gauche: light grey, left

max: hunter green floral, right = Princess

What is your dream ISO?

Switch kitty.

9 05 2010

Introducing our new mascot: Switch kitty.

Switch Kitty

This sadomasochistic feline likes biting (houndstooth, left), feet (coral, right), bleeding (maroon, right) and watching (white velvet, right). What does your pet like?

Introducing our new mascot: Switch kitty.

Famous non-flaggers and alternative codes

26 04 2010

Sometimes it’s obvious when a hanky isn’t a flag — or, rather, that it doesn’t mean what you think it means. For example, I’m pretty sure this class is flagging Communism and not fisting:

Communism, not fisting

Other situations can be more ambiguous. It didn’t seem so far-fetched that Snoop Dogg would be a top, but it turns out I was too ready to read his navy-on-the-left as indicating his sexual preferences, when it actually signals his gang allegiances.

I keep a blue flag hanging out my backside
But only on the left side, yeah that’s the Crip side

– Snoop Dogg, “Drop It Like It’s Hot

(Incidentally, Crips and Bloods have nothing to do with disability pride or menstrualiciousness either. Major cultural dissonance right here.)

Snoop at Madame Tussaud's

Sadly this means that hanky code as we know it hasn’t yet made it into Madame Tussaud’s. But it’s probably useful to be aware of alternative codes before you go cruising.

Crips and Bloods[posted by Gauche 26/04/10]

Lady Gaga Likes Biting

26 03 2010

It’s official, Lady Gaga has a biting fetish.  She was spotted wearing a houndstooth scarf wrapped around her head (extreme) with a PVC  cone bra with a matching skirt.  In her song Teeth she makes this fetish more than just apparent singing “just take a bite of my bad girl meat/take a bite of me/show me your teeth”.  In her latest video clip for Telephone she takes a bite from a Honey Bun offered to her by Beyonce after being told she has been a very very Bad Girl.  It is no secret that Gaga is into vampires, doing a shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth for Out Magazine.

Gaga has also been seen on a number of occasions with vampire fangs fitted to her teeth.  Gaga’s boldness with her sexuality and her fashion should be an inspiration to us all.

Don’t be scared, I’ve done this before, show me your teeth.

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