Famous Flaggers

  • April Flores & Buck Angel
    [added by max 30/1/11]

  • #9 on Cute Overload’s Top Ten for 2010
    [added by Gauche 30/1/11]
    sleeping dog flagging
  • Lupe Fiasco
    [added by Gauche 1/1/11]
  • Lupe Fiasco

  • Legoman
    [added by M. 11/12/10]
  • Rihanna, Kanye and Jay-Z flag … um, seeking sadomasochistic anarcho-authoritarian black bloc groupies?
  • Edward flags on the right, Eclipse (2010).
    [added by max 26/9/10]

  • Lois Lane flags on the left, Lois and Clark (1995).
    [added by embolalia & max 1/8/10]

  • Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
    [added by embolalia 29/7/10]

  • Linsay Lohan flagging fuchsia
    [added by embolalia 29/7/10]

  • Nicole Richie flags red
    [added by embolalia 29/7/10]

  • Captain America (Peter Fonda) and his love interest both flag fucking in Easy Rider (1969)
    [added by lc 15/6/10]

  • Kurt & Mercedes from Glee (May 2010)
    Kurt: RED on the right, Mercedes RED & WHITE on the left – oh yeah…
    [added by max 31/05/10]

  • Buffy: from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992)
    Take a good look – Buffy flags daddy: versatile the first time watcher Merrick tracks her down (makes sense).
    [added by max]

  • Pop icon Lady Gaga spotted:
    [added by lc 26/03/10]

  • our favourite trashbag superhero – Lily Allen:
    [added by max 13/03/10]

5 responses

2 08 2010

did you notice that nicole richie and lily allen are wearing exactly the same flag (that red flag with the skulls on it).

1 01 2011
23 02 2012

What is “trashbaggery”?

18 03 2013
Fuck You!


20 03 2015

are you sure they really flag? the scarves could just be casual accessories. most likely they are.

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