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16 02 2011
Specific Cares Required

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  • If you have any kind of sex in open water, make sure all players are good swimmers.
  • Check here for sex in public.
  • Water washes away natural lubricants (from the body).
  • Water degrades latex.
  • Oil based lubes degrade latex, as do other oil based substances like sunscreen, tanning lotion, bath oils, bubble bath, soap and shampoo.
  • Silicone lubricant is the best to use as it is not water soluble (will not be washed away in water).
  • There has been little research into the effectiveness of condoms underwater. That said, it seems silicone lube on a latex condom is the best.
  • As it is water-resistant, silicone lubricants may be difficult to wash off (your body, clothes, sheets).
  • Make sure condoms/gloves are put on dry skin.
  • It is a lot more likely a barrier will slip off; holding it in place will decrease this risk.
  • Any kind of penetrative (front or back) sex in water containing chlorine or bacteria makes abrasions, irritation and infection a lot more likely. High risk: thrush, UTI. This risk is higher for people with a vagina.
  • For sex in shower/bath: invest in a nonslip mat. Having something to hold onto is also a plus (like a bar installed).

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Our complete safer sex guide is here.

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