Hands On

22 03 2011

Jerking each other off, without barriers:

WHITE jerk me off I’ll do us both
  • Hands aren’t the safest: you are not always aware of cuts under and around fingernails. Cuts greatly increase the risk of infection-transmission.
  • Sex fluids that carry infections can infect microcuts that might result from ordinary dry skin or abrasions of any sort, and are invisible to the naked eye. You can check skin for microcuts by splashing it with rubbing alcohol, lemon juice or vinegar: which will cause cuts to sting (frequent exposure to rubbing alcohol will dry the skin in a way that can cause damage).
  • Check all hands: if there are visible cuts or scratches, or you fail “the sting test“, use gloves.
  • Like kissing, most people seem to be ok with the risks involved in hand jobs.
  • Remember: hand jobs are only safest if hands are not swapped; that is one hand per person/orifice. Swapping hands (ie using a hand on yourself then another person without a barrier) involves fluid exchange, and therefore puts you at much greater risk.
  • Safest: use barriers.

[Consensual Sadomasochism]

Our complete safer sex guide is here.

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