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8 02 2011

MOSQUITO NETTING outdoors outdoors
TOILET PAPER public toilets
(seeks service)
public toilets
(offers service)
  • Make sure your hands are clean (you can carry hand sanitiser). Give head rather than hand jobs. Safest: Use barriers.
  • Respect the space: take all rubbish (eg used barriers) with you.
  • You might be breaking the law if you are caught engaging in “offensive behaviour”. This includes exposing your genitals (including bum), or engaging in any sexual activity in public (which may include a car or a public toilet if the door is open).
  • Behaviour is not considered offensive if the observer has to take abnormal or unusual action to observe it (such as looking under a locked toilet cubicle door).
  • Go here for sex in water.


Our complete safer sex guide is here. Where appropriate, further advice should be sought from a medical practitioner.

Protest Flagging

30 05 2010

[by max 30/05/10]

Since recently regaining the ability to think about street violence, I’ve been flagging black mosquito netting.

As we continue to reiterate, flagging requires consent – without a specific and explicit understanding (and practice) of consent, flagging makes no sense. For me [right now], flagging into SM street sex also says something in protest of the actuality of street violence (against especially trans and gender ambiguous people [like me]).

One of the reasons we started this blog (and got into flagging) was as a way of showing that femmes, dykes, women are into all kinds of sex too (nontrans and especially gay men continue to think otherwise, and that’s so lame). The way [traditional] flagging guides are set up by and for men having sex with men reinforces this. (And we resist it.)

How do you protest flag?

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