Protected: Into Blood

23 03 2010

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Suck My Dildo

19 03 2010

BLUE, Light w Light PINK stripe

[alex]: what if you want someone to suck your cock?

[max]: I think you have to be looking male. Or maybe use Lavender?

[gauche]: no no no! you should be able to flag suck my dildo cock if you’re femme slash looking feminine

[max]: Totally. And I hate Lavender. But we have to work with what we’ve got. Maybe Light Blue with Lavender Stripe?

[lc]: Light Blue with Light Pink stripe?

[alex]: I like the drag aspect of Lavender.

[gauche]: Light Pink is dildoes though, that couldn’t be anything else.

[lc]: What about pink polka dots?

[max]: I like the phallic nature of a stripe.

Safe(r) Sex

16 03 2010

Lesbian safe sex guides suck. Here’s ours:

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