Queer Courtship & Hanky Code workshop

3 06 2011

We’re going on tour to Sydney! Gauche and M. are putting on a workshop at Camp Betty, a three-day festival celebrating and unpacking sex, sexuality & gender against a backdrop of radical politics and DIY action.

Queer Courtship & Hanky Code

a seminar with introductory talk, facilitated discussion, group exercises and roleplays – and hanky giveaways

11 June 2011 – 11:00 am to 12:30 pm

Plump Gallery, 240 Enmore Road, Enmore NSW

We want to learn and share techniques for navigating love and fucking, from pick up to break up, for queer thinkers who care about consent. So much seduction is premised on manipulation, or relies on assumptions about heterosexuality, monogamy or gender-normative roles and bodies. If these aren’t our lives, how do we hoist the flags of our desires?

You can invite all your friends to the Facebook event if that’s your style. The first Sydney POC THE MIC is happening on the Sunday night and there’s lots of other fantastic events. The full Camp Betty program is available here and it’s on iCal so you can sync it to your Google Calendar if you have one. Oh yes, we are teched up and festival ready!

Straight Flagging?

10 05 2010

Do straight people flag?

Hanky coding originally was a way of queer people identifying each other, but it’s better not to assume the sex-gender of who’s flagging or who that flagger is seeking; there’s no reason why straight people can’t be flagging hankies these days. Flagging is about inviting questions, and the more straight people who aren’t offended by being hit on by queer people (but rather are open to conversations about sex and sexuality), the better.

But there is a history to straight [anti-]flagging that has potential to be played with [contrary to popular belief, there is not one but TWO straight flags]:

  • A ring on the left fourth finger means married
  • A ring on the right fourth finger means committed (not married)

As you can see, ring symbolism has been used not so much as flag but an anti-flag. Ring flagging doesn’t have to flag ‘straight’ – on the contrary, ring flagging could be a way to break down straight/queer (flagging) divides.

[posted by max 10/05/10]

– – –

Similar concept and an antiflag is the MsTaken ring and it’s accompanying video.  The idea behind is that if someone undesirable is hitting on you, then you can get out your MsTaken ring and tell them that you are married.  It even comes with a key chain to hide your ring/flag in.

[lc 20/05/10]

Jay Wiseman in SM 101 proposes hets flag general kink interest with a “black leather ring, held together with a single rivet” on left or right as appropriate.

[gauche 10/08/10]

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