Favourite flavour combinations

14 11 2010

Best Double Flags

light blue with light pink stripe = dildo sucking

orange + light grey, right = just fuck me, I don’t care how

cream with polkadots, right = cum on my face

white, left, + navy, right = you have two hands, and I’m greedy

trashbag, left, + tiara = bossy

navy + light pink with stars, left = pegging

teddy bear + tartan, left = clothed cuddling

gold lame houndstooth, left = biting your guns

maroon houndstooth, right = bite me til I bleed

pretty much anything + maroon / tampon = various menstrual-inclusive play, like: light blue + maroon, left = gives head to menstruator / light blue + maroon, right = wants head (and is bleeding)

Found flagging

max: navy, left + hunter green with flowers, right = I’ll fuck you if you romance me

gauche: orange + light grey, right = universal recipient

lc: lime green, left + silver lame, right = rockstar girlfriend

alex: light grey + wine stain, left = drunk, stoned, stone

Not flagging (in denial)

lc: tie dye, versatile

alex:  navy, right

gauche: light grey, left

max: hunter green floral, right = Princess

What is your dream ISO?

Pitching the woo.

28 03 2010

[gauche 28/3/10]

I think queer feminist culture could do with a little more wooing. And I think also, that a radical conception of consent is right to problematise pursuit and persuasion, and to reject utterly “working out a yes” as coercion. The word “seduction” already implies some form of deceit, and etymologically “seduce” comes from the Latin for “to lead away”, and it’s an easy slide from “away” to “astray”.

But there’s no contradiction between consent and pitching the woo — if anything, the idea of the “pitch” assumes a right of refusal, and incorporates the intentionality of desire that sets my breath on fire, even if I succumb as much as anyone to accident, demurral, and the inculpability and opacity of being easy, lazy and vague (cf. trashbag; light grey, right). Keeping your desires unvoiced, unspecified or even unknown may protect you, and you might well get just as much play, but that style is tepid. There’s something way hot about compelling a direct response, and opening yourself to explicit rejection. I like that flagging can help start that question — but there’s a lot hankies can’t say for you.

I love Queerfatfemme’s podcast on courtship for taking romance as a verb and making it a skill to perfect. I’m not sure about “nobody ever died of awkward” (the phrase “mortification of the flesh” comes to mind) but I’m looking forward to being a little more fearless. You can’t always get what you want, no matter how killer your game. But if you try sometimes …

[gauche 15/6/2010]
We’ve had a flag for this for a while, but I didn’t get around to adding it.

___w Flower Pattern pitching the woo (romance top) getting wooed (romance bottom)

Protected: Trash Bag Flag

22 03 2010

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