Not Gay Flagging

One of the reasons we started this blog was to resist the cock-centred traditions of flagging. While referring to certain sex acts may call for clarification of the body parts involved, it’s important for opinicus rampant to be a pan gender hanky code, so you can accurately decode any hanky on any body; a complete language for how you want to fuck that overrides what might be assumed from how your body is gendered, which is then superseded by conversation in which the specifics of consent are negotiated.

This page indexes the flags which we have adapted from their traditional meaning/s:

BLUE, Light gives head wants head
  • Originally: reverses the above.
LAVENDER X dresser likes X dressers
  • Originally: (L) likes drag queens * (R) drag queen. Reasons.
ORANGE looking to lead open to suggestion
  • Originally: (L) anything goes * (R) just cruising. Reasons.
BLUE/WHITE GINGHAM milker milk me
  • Originally: replaces holstein. Reasons.
DOILY tea party dom
(serve me)
tea party sub
  • Originally: sex in public toilets. Reasons, Replaced with:
TOILET PAPER public toilets
(seeks service)
public toilets
(offers service)

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7 05 2012
Flagging for femmes and other people who need an alternative to the back pocket « Stuff Queer People Need To Know

[…] gay male code. It isn’t a standard or traditional hanky code but more an ongoing commentary. See updates to the code and join in the discussion here. Follow @QueerKnowledge 0.000000 0.000000 Spread the […]

18 01 2014
Hanky Code: Folklore, Language, and Leather | Beyond Hanky Code

[…] definitely spread outside of cisgender gay men’s spaces, to the point of variations including commentary on that (see also that site’s extensive and elaborate hanky code). And here’s some awesome ideas on […]

24 06 2015

Jockstrap right wearing dirty left sniffer

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