Hanky Code

WHITE jerk me off I’ll do us both
WHITE VELVET voyeur will put on a show
WHITE w/MULTICOLOR Dots hosting an orgy looking for an orgy
CREAM cum fetish (mine) cum fetish (yours)
BLACK/WHITE check safe sex top safe sex bottom
BLACK/WHITE stripes kissing kissing
BLACK SM top SM bottom
BLACK VELVET has/takes videos will perform for the camera
CHARCOAL latex fetish latex fetish
GREY, Dark bondage – ties fit to be tied
GREY, Light stone – I’ll fuck you stone – just fuck me
SILVER LAME celebrity/titleholder starfucker
OLIVE DRAB military civil “servant”
GREEN, Hunter looking for orphan looking for daddy
——— GREEN (Hunter) W/ Green (Kelly) Stripe sugardaddy looking for sugardaddy
GREEN, Kelly hooker (for rent) trick (looking to buy)
GREEN, Mint looking for orphan looking for mummy
GREEN, Light dirty talk dirty talk
GREEN, Lime dines off tricks (wants food) dinner plate (will buy dinner)
AQUA watersex watersex
BLUE, Teal genital torturer genital torturee
BLUE, Robin’s Egg 69 69
BLUE, Light gives oral wants oral
——— BLUE, Light w/ light PINK stripe sucks dildo suck my dildo
BLUE, Navy fucking / TOP fucking / BOTTOM
VELVET, NAVY watches masturbation will masturbate for audience
PURPLE piercer piercee
LAVENDER X dresser / dragster likes X dressers / drag
MAUVE worship my navel has a navel fetish
FUCHSIA spanker spank me
MAGENTA suck my pits armpit lover
MAROON cuts bleeds
——— w/ MAROON stripe into blood into blood
RED, Dark 2-handed fister 2-handed fistee
RED fist fucker fist fuckee
——— RED/WHITE Stripes shaver shavee
RED CROSS HIV positive HIV positive
PINK, Dark tit torturer tit torturee
PUCE bruiser bruise me
PINK, Light dildo wielder dildo fuckee
YELLOW, Pale spits spit on me
YELLOW, Bright watersports – pisses watersports – drinks/wears
MUSTARD hung (carries) size queen
GOLD 2 looking for one 1 looking for two
GOLD LAME likes muscles likes muscles
ORANGE looking to lead open to suggestion
CORAL suck my toes shrimper (sucks toes)
RUST cowboy cowboy’s horse
BEIGE rimmer rim me
TAN cigarplay – Clinton cigarplay – Lewinsky
BROWN scat – gives scat – receives
GREY FLANNEL owns a suit likes suits
BLUE/WHITE GINGHAM milker milkee
PURPLE FLANNEL trans dude trans dude
PURPLE GINGHAM trans grrrl trans grrrl
PURPLE SEQUINS genderqueer genderqueer
PINK, Light w sparkles unicorn unicorn fancier
LEOPARD has tattoos likes tattoos (art critic)
HOUNDSTOOTH biter bite me
ARGYLE geek likes geeks
TARTAN, Caledonian fully clothed fully naked
w/ Flower Pattern romance –  

pitching the woo

romance –  

woo me

TIE-DYE hippie looking for hippies
WINE STAIN drunk drunk
BROWN CORDUROY headmaster student
TWEED (prof) hot for student hot for prof
FUR beastplay – zoophile beastplay – animal
CALICO new in town into tourists
BLANKET seeking massage masseuse
MOSQUITO NETTING outdoors outdoors
DOILY tea party dom  

(serve me)

tea party sub  


Teddy Bear cuddler cuddlee
My Little Pony rides ponies pony
TOILET PAPER public toilets  

(seeks service)

public toilets  

(offers service)

PLASTIC BAG likes trashbaggery likes trashbaggery
TAMPON menstruating likes menstrual blood
LEMON gives enemas give me an enema
CELERY expects brunch brunch included
TOOTHBRUSH lover’s out,  

my place ok

your place only
NAPKIN w/ my mobile no. dirty sms me dirty sms me
USB cord blogging about this afterwards write me up (you can borrow my laptop)
ROPE suspender suspend me
ELECTRIC TAPE electricutor  

electrify me

Not “Gay” Flagging: an index of our revisions to the traditional flagging code.



WORN AROUND THE NECK: adept & versatile

  • or, the position of a knot indicates that side: (L) top * (C) versatile * (R) bottom

WORN AROUND THE HEAD: extreme (usually around master or sub cap)

W/STRIPE: can be a single stripe, stripes, or trim.

  • stripes take on the left/right association of the base colour. ie, light blue with maroon stripe: (L) gives head to bleeder * (R) wants head, is bleeding.

Orifice disambiguation: (Black as neutral/standard)

  • in the butt flag = w/star
  • in the vag flag = w/ triangle
  • in the mouth or on the face flag = w/ circle or polkadots

59 responses

28 03 2010

At home I have a black bandana with sparkly rainbow hairs on it. Wondering what y’all reckon it means?
Or should I just wear it out and see what happens?

28 03 2010
Lauren Riots

Not sure about yr black with rainbow hairs? it’s hard to imagine… Max said there are no ‘body hair flags’ but I think that could come close, if you can get flags with actual hair on them…

31 03 2010

yeah it’s hard to explain online, it’s kinda black with sparkle glitter bits that make it hairy… erm… i’ll have to wear it around y’all sometime.

I tried googling ‘glitter hairy bandana’ just in case it was a super fashionable product from some time, but all i got was a pumpkin wearing a blue bandana around their ‘neck’, and a pirate keychain photo.
(this is not what my banadana looks like.)

10 04 2010

you know, since reading this blog i’ve started to see flags everywhere [especially where someone isn’t actually flagging, hah].

so thanks for new perspectives, and i hope you all keep writing.

12 08 2010

Love your work. Also how about flags for tribadism? Also frotage?

15 08 2010

totally! Though I thought that frotage and tribadism were the same act? We have thought about that act but are stuck on what colour/print to assign to it, do you have any ideas?

17 08 2010

For some reason I always thought frottage was with clothes on and tribbing was without, like dry humping versus actual genitals touching, I’m not sure where I got that from though so it could just be me… and yeah you’re right it’s hard to think of what to assign to it as there’s nothing really obvious to use, or a similar one to take from. Will keep thinking about it.

21 02 2011

I’m thinking denim, mostly cause I’ve always thought dry humping involved clothing.

16 09 2010

I noticed holstein (cow print) was missing. Some lesbians have a lactation/breast feeding fetish.

14 01 2011
29 05 2011

So the post you’re referencing explains better what the holstein cow print is for representing. And you’re saying it has to do with squirting or a mans ejaculate?

I’m curious about what @Mae was referencing. More specifically suckling breasts, wet (w milk) or dry (not producing milk). I LOVE to have my breasts suckled. It would be great to know if there was a flag for *that*.

16 01 2011

Do you have one for ‘untamed heart’? My good friend said that was me in her birthday book. I’d flag that.

16 01 2011

Orange with flower pattern, left?

26 01 2011

Do you think it will go with my eyes?

25 01 2011
unicorn starshine +

Ears! Oral Aural!

30 01 2011

Why no flags for cunt eating?

30 01 2011

opinicus rampant is a pan gender hanky code, where hankies signify actions without referencing body types (biological junk). ie light blue, left = “gives head”

1 02 2011

how is the term “head” anything but cock or dildo specific?

6 10 2011

Giving head or getting head is a euphemism for oral sex, not just fellatio. Head being in reference to your own head, being given, or your partners head, being gotten.

19 06 2012

Because the ‘head’ is in reference to the giver, not the receiver of oral sex. The person recieving oral sex is not ‘giving head’, they are ‘getting head’, ‘head’ is not in reference to the head of a penis or a dildo.

1 02 2011

I hear “giving head” used for cunnilingus pretty commonly but I guess “eating out” is probably more specific – I’ll change it to “gives oral sex” and “wants oral sex”?

8 04 2012

hey your using my tumblr icon! you know thats actually a girl. :D

27 04 2012

Oh, you made it! Hot! Do you want me to credit it to you somehow?

And yeah, I am a girl.

15 06 2011

Please explain the lemon.

27 07 2011
Bowtie Roll Call « Eff to Em

[…] tan colouring just screams, “versatile for cigarplay”, doesn’t […]

26 10 2011

Can you clarify the trans*/genderqueer flags – is one side “is trans/genderqueer” and the other side “is looking for/is into” or are both sides flagging identity and then where they are a Top or a bottom?

Also changing Navy from “Anal” to “fucking” seems confusing. “Anal” is a specific kind of fucking while fucking can be many different things to different people. Could this be changed back to “Anal” and add other flags for other kinds of fucking (there is already dildos, is a flag needed for missionary hetero sex? I dunno, not my bag)

I have some other ideas for new flags. will add these to the Flags, we wrote page

18 11 2011
flagging opinicus rampant

Both sides of the trans* & genderqueer hankies flag identity and then top/bottom orientation. We aren’t into fetishisation of trans identities. If you click the hanky name, it links to the discussion: https://flaggingopinicusrampant.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/trans-flagging/

There was this discussion of navy blue but I don’t know where it’s gone – it was related to making hanky code pangender. You can’t flag “missionary hetero sex” because you can’t flag for gender. We didn’t want orifice disambiguation except on one’s own body. I can see your point though, seeking anal sex doesn’t imply anything about one’s gender whether flagging giving or receiving, it’s no different to rimming or scat in that regard, so maybe we should rethink that.

29 10 2011

A while back, female ejaculation was listed as blue/white gingham and milking was listed as cow print (holstein). Now blue/white represents lactation and female specific ejaculation is removed. I am not sure why milk is associated with cum or ejaculation in the other article listed. The difference between the two fetishes seemed to be more clear before the changes. But that is just my opinion.

Another list where holstein is listed as milk http://user.xmission.com/~trevin/hanky.html

29 10 2011

I am also confused by association of blue and white gingham with milk. I thought it chosen because blue is fucking and white is ejaculation. So the gingham print would the combination of the two activities. Most of the people I know associate the cows print with milk and lactation.. udders, breast, etc.

But I understand that the cow=female would be offensive. That part is really clear.

20 08 2012
Cindy Baker

I think the gingham is a reference to what we think of as a traditional milk-maid’s outfit. The 2 main gingham colours are red/white (which looks more like a picnic blanket or tablecloth) and blue/white (white is reminiscent of Dorothy Gale’s dress).

29 10 2011

Maybe it’s just me, but I suppose it would make more sense if B+W gingham were female ej. and cream was lactation. That would remove the cow reference but still have the milk association. But this is queer/pan flagging, so I suppose a body-specific activity such as lactation would be removed.

5 12 2011

ha ha ha sorry, stupid question… is left MY left, or the viewer’s left??

8 12 2011
flagging opinicus rampant

not stupid at all! YOUR LEFT>

Traditionally, the hanky was situated in the back pocket. Therefore, when viewing someone’s flagging – ‘on the left’ was BOTH your left and their left.

3 04 2012

Are paisleys considered to be their base color, or do they mean something special?

27 04 2012

Paisleys are just the base colour because the standard hankies used for flagging are paisley. It doesn’t matter if the print is black or white or another colour.

12 04 2012

I have a black hanky with white jolly rogers on it, which I’ve been using under the assumption that it would serve dual purpose S&M/handjobs (or else butt pirating)… but some of my friends disagree. I have heard the opinion that it should be for “shivering the timbers” but that leads to confusion about what, exactly shivering someone’s timbers entails. What are your thoughts?

25 04 2012
Queer | Pearltrees

[…] Hanky Code « flagging opinicus rampant fit to be tied GREY, Light bondage – ties […]

30 04 2012
Flagging for femmes and other people who need an alternative to the back pocket « Stuff Queer People Need To Know

[…] This is an expanded hanky code chart, building upon the traditional meanings. (A screen reader friendly version of this chart is available here.) […]

9 05 2012

Hmmm…guess I need to find both navy blue and light pink to flag on the right…or navy blue with a light pink stripe if I read that correctly.

Of course, it’ll only work if others know the code…

9 05 2012

I wish this was more widely used/accepted in the lesbian/ftm world. I identify as lesbian, but am often wrongly pegged as a butch top because of my short hair, tattoos, and sense of style. In reality I am a versatile bottom who’s never really been able to enjoy being a bottom. I also am extremely into wanting to be topped by someone with a strap-on. Also, I female-ejaculate…so I’ve got 3 very different, specific things about me I would like to be made known if I’m at a gay bar/club.

What do you suggest? Navy layered with light pink on the right? Finding a navy blue with a light pink stripe to flag the right? What about the female-ejaculation? Also, where does one find all of the colors these days anyway, or does one just go to the fabric store?

26 05 2012
Femme Flagging | Queer Fat Femme

[…] Here’s a great synopsis of the very vast hanky code from the awesome blog Flagging Opinicus Rampant. I also highly recommend a read of that blog’s about page for a more feminist read on the hanky code, and I am highlighting this quote from their about page for the good basic reminders of what flagging does and does not do: Basic Rules of Flagging Flagging is not consent. Flagging means being cool with being propositioned, being rejected, and having the capacity to reject. Flagging is pan gender (you can’t assume someone’s junk from a flag). There are no anti-flags. Flagging is slut pride. […]

11 06 2012
Taste: A Coming of Age Story « crunchingsandmunchings

[…] who might share your values and tastes before any of you even opened your mouths—it was like a hanky code of taste. Of course, this shorthand disappears the older we get and, of course, it’s a code […]

14 06 2012
Femme Flagging II: The Glitter Strikes Back | BINARYTHIS

[…] Nail polish. I feel naked without it. So you can imagine my JOY when I read this post about femme flagging using the stuff, on the Queer Fat Femme blog. The whole “flagging” thing is meant to be a sexual code that lets your prospective partners know what you are into, and was traditionally practiced with strategically coloured hankies in your back pocket (e.g. fuchsia worn on the left means you’re more of a spanker than a spankee). There’s a pretty elaborate guide to the whole hanky code available here. […]

5 07 2012
Femme Flagging (with nail polish) « syrens

[…] but I’ve been poking around a few femme blogs of late and I keep coming across this idea of flagging with nail […]

19 07 2012

What about a hanky code for someone looking for a long term monogamous relationship possibly ending in marriage or someone who likes to take it slow before jumping in the sac

23 08 2012

Flower pattern might work (romance fetish)?

18 08 2012

That might be floral patern “pitching the woo”

15 12 2012

I think that would be flower pattern, for courtship. Then if there is a flower of specific colors, that adds dual meaning. But if you are marriage and/or courtship minded, begin with flowers pattern and clarify with dialogue.

15 08 2012

What does unicorn/unicorn fancier mean? What is meant by unicorn? Like… is it a joke, or is unicorn slang for something?

23 08 2012

@ George, That’s what everyone without a hanky is doing!

27 08 2012

I’ve heard that baby blankets can be used to flag for Ageplay or ABDL. Why wasn’t that included?

7 12 2012

What about virgin? And shaved/waxed bush vs full bush?

13 12 2012

Nothing for pain… I coulda sworn there was a sadist/pain slut or pain pig hankie.

13 12 2012

I guess there’s the black, but I was thinking there was one that was either for “beating” or for “extreme” pain…

13 12 2012
Asura Dasel

Was thinking a skull bandanna would be appropriate for necrophilia until I realized the unlikelyhood of seeing a corpse walking around back pocket on show, maybe Zombiephilia, does that exist yet!?

9 02 2013
ian c.

first off, thanks for all your work & thoughts here, it’s been super helpful as a personal reference (and for the hanky project that I am working on: http://www.secretdoorprojects.org/updates/2013/02/07/practical-tools-for-shifting-reality-snapshots-statement/) …. and it’s great to have a hanky code on the internet that is non-body-part specific that I can refer people to who ask about flagging!

second — any thoughts or knowledge on what it means when a bandana is edged with lace? at the thrift store (here in Providence, RI, u.s.a.), I recently came across what was obviously some individual’s collection of hankies that had ended up there in a group: many of them the classic “paisley” bandanas with matching-color-lace hand-stitched around the edge. what would one use that to signify // what will I be signifying if I flag with them??? all the best to you!

13 02 2013

Why did you decide to go with the top/bottom def’in for switch over the looking/not looking? Just curious, because i’m always pushing the opposite ;)

5 03 2013

Dear y’all,
So I got a new one for you we are starting up here in Portland. Tiny polka dots is flagging femme for femme. Add it to the list! We want it to get around. Thanks!

23 03 2013

Hey, that’s a new orange definition! I still like it… but the one i was familiar with was anything/nothing right now and I really liked being able to flag that. Plus, what other colours lets you flag switch? booooooooooooo

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